Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What do Men really want or think?? Entry one

 Just to warn you all I am not a writer,not trying to be a writer and pretty much have thee worst grammar habits known to man and Thank you world for Spell Check!

So welcome to my humble blog here.
 I made this blog with the thoughts that some women may have asked themselves What do men really want or think or like?
You always see essays and articles about Men wanting to know why women think the way they do and How Men can never figure out women and Secrets of Women that men have always wanted to break..yada yada blah blah....ok yeah we get it...men just cannot figure out women but Heck..we can't figure out some of you most of the time either!

Anyways there are so many things women do to catch the appeal of a man ( even though sorry guys a lot of the time women dress up to impress other women and no not in a sexual way..ok well maybe for some)...I know there are certain beauty preparations I do before going out on a hot night in the city and some yes were to catch the eye of a man..I mean hey gotta look good right.. but then I get to thinking..Do men really pay attentions to these things??

Well this blog is all based upon answers from Random Men I meet whether Online on social sites, in public places, at parties, in stores..whenever I can find them. I will ask some of the most subtle to the most obscene questions a lot of people dare not to ask. In return I hope to get answers to some subjects that men would never bring up.

These surveys or polls Better yet may lead to a very popular question in the minds of women out there...What do Men Really want??

Maybe to some of the men readers out there I can also help explain why some women do the things they do too..anyway this is all for entertainment purposes and I hope you enjoy my social experiment.

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